Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Start Learning about V2G (vehicle to grid)

The oil needed for transportation is probably the nation's #1 issue right now. The solution is now being fleshed out, and it's simple, elegant and involves your home.

I'll give the executive summary:

1. Forget Hydrogen powered cars.
2. Forget Natural gas powered cars.
3. Forget ethanol powered cars.

Daily driving trips will be done with an electric car that plugs into the grid at home, work or anywhere. Today's grid can already handle this growing demand, but it must become a smarter grid. Digital powerline signals will meter your electricity usage wherever you plug in. The V2G part comes into play during those demand peaks. All the electric cars that are plugged in during those times will be called upon to put electricity back on the grid, thereby avoiding any potential brownouts.

The reason electricity wins is because it is TEN TIMES cheaper than gas per mile driven. Wind electricity is already cheaper than coal, PV electricity promises to be even cheaper than that.

To learn more, google "V2G" The links change daily.

Of course the solution for the long-distance freight industry has been obvious for 150 years. Trains will replace trucks, a perfect reversal of the 20th century. Electric trucks will be developed to distribute the freight on a local basis.

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