Monday, August 5, 2013

Saving Water and Floorspace

Maybe you've seen those toilets that save water by incorporating the handwashing sink into the lid of the toilet

There is also a way to retrofit a sink to the top of most side flush toilets for $140:

I like this idea, because I think you could save room in a house by putting the toilet and a shower in a smaller than normal bathroom, and have the main bath sink hovering in the bedroom as IKEA suggested in last year's catalog.   This reduces collisions between the two people sharing a three piece bath.  Saving water by reusing it is good too.

Also, some may criticize this toilet-top-hand-washing idea because there is no hot water available.  Well, most people don't wait for hot water at a conventional bath sink anyway.


  1. The only thing about it is that you'd have to have enough room on the side so that you're not straddling the toilet to wash your hands. But cool idea!
    And hey! I can't believe you sold the royalties to the nose clipper! I had forgotten all about that thing.

  2. Good point. Re: royalty - Oh well.