Monday, September 8, 2014

Pretty Good Duplex HERS Scores

We just finished and sold both units of a spec duplex in SW Denver.  The HERS scores were "pretty good" at 59 and 62.

One of the more important components of the HERS score is the infiltration measurement.  Building Joe Lstiburek identifies 3.0 ACH50 as a pretty good goal.  We scored a 3ACH50 without trying very hard.  The main reason for the good score was the "flash and fill" insulation strategy.  About 3 inches of polyurethane spray foam was sprayed on the inside of the sheathing, and the rest of the cavity was filled with cellulose.

Did the HERS score even come up during the sales or marketing process? Not at all.   Was it good experience for our building professionals in anticipation of the IECC 2012 requirement of 3.0 ACH50?  Absolutely.

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