Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Multifamily Market Heads Toward a More Sustainable Model- (Small Units in an Urban Location)

As we come out of the Great Recession, the pent up demand for housing has manifested itself in a steady drop in  vacancy rates nationwide.  Denver's multifamily market is already superheating, with small class B+  units selling at an all-time high of over $100k each.  (Don't try to do a condo split, however, no one will buy a studio condo even for $'s a weird market)

Consumer demand has shifted to green, as a natural economic evolution.   Although today's renters may do a lot of recycling, and worry about global warming, but their personal bottom line rules their housing choice, not their carbon footprint.  They would prefer to live in a neighborhood close to amenities so they can do without a car, which saves a lot of time and money.  And if your neighborhood is lively, who needs a big home if you're never there?  So living greener can also be living cheaper.

As we mentioned last week, this trend will should also start showing up in the single family market since building on smaller lots has finally been re-legalized.


  1. LEED Platinum Showhome in Denver
    Thought this may be of Interest.
    Urban Green Development is proud to announce the groundbreaking of Denver’s first LEED Platinum single family home to be built in the NW Denver’s Highland neighborhood. “The Green Cube Showhome” has received a LEED Platinum level classification from the US Green Building Council, the highest level of green sustainable building. The project is looking for Green Building Industry partners as sponsors.
    About the Project:
    Project Location: 3310 Shoshone St in NW Denver
    Owner / GC: Urban Green Development
    Project Goal: A fundraising project to showcase and network LEED certification building contractors and green suppliers.
    Background: Being built in one of Denver’s “hot spot” building neighborhoods, NW Denver’s historic Highland area, “The Green Cube” will be the city’s first LEED Platinum single family home, the highest sustainable/built green rating possible. When complete the home is expected use just 40% of the energy of a code built home.
    The home is scheduled to open in late fall off 2011 as a Green Built Show Home in conjunction with U.S. Built Green Council, and will be featured on the DIY Network throughout the process. The home will bring together area contractors, suppliers using sustainable and reusable products as well as serve as a fundraising project to support an annual scholarship fund enabling North High students to pursue careers in the Green Building Industry. When complete the Show Home will host tours, open houses, seminars and special events all raising money for North High career scholarships.
    The Green Cube Showhome is looking for companies committed to sustainable living to join the project. This is sponsorship offering tremendous exposure to work and network with the nearly 100 green trades, suppliers and services required to build the home from start to finish.
    Please contact Brett Robben at 303-433-6212 or email

  2. The Green Cube in Denver is taking follow the latest news there is a new website up. The project is still looking to partner with all things green!

    The project being built by Urban Green Developments is slated to be NW Denver's 1st LEED platinum single family home. The project also supports Denver's North High Scholarship Foundation by providing funds for students wishing to pursue careers in the green building industry.