Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Your New Construction Greenbuilding in Denver Checklist

My top home design recommendations in no particular order:

-Frost protected slab on grade - R20 min perimeter insulation
-R28 min wall, R60 min roof (many methods available, the consensus is to use cellulose)
-Design for a "conditioned attic" bonus room or no attic (flat or shed roof)
-Simple forms, rectangular or square footprint
-100% electric, no natural gas
-No sliding doors or windows, or even exterior french doors
-If you have sunshine available, high SHGC south (and north) windows, solar DHW ($3.5k max)
-Triple pane  windows if you can find them at a reasonable price
-Fiberglass framed windows for longevity and other thermal reasons
-DO hire a HERS rater ($1500 max), DON'T waste money on LEED or PH certification
-Photovoltaic system, take advantage of Xcel rebates
-Small, cheap HRV system ($1000 max total) or just a WhisperGreen exhaust fan for ventilation
-Minisplit heat pump or PTHP
-Induction cooktop, small range hood
-PEX plumbing pipe using 1/2" home runs

In a nice neighborhood, upgrades may be desirable.  A finished basement is number one, but if you're building today, it will cost a little more than its resale value.  The third floor conditioned attic bonus room is cheaper per square foot.


  1. Fantastic.

    Cellulose is my only dissent. I don't love the material, and I don't love the process. Mineral wool batts is my reccomendation.

  2. I agree the process for cellulose has problems. The Swedes know how to keep cold out, yes, but I think the main reason they don't use cellulose is because a wall panel filled with cellulose is a shipping problem.

  3. Where can we find mineral batts in CO ?

  4. The Green Cube Showhome in Denver (3310 Shoshone St.) is hosting a RTD Fastracks discussion on Aug 23rd. The topic will include how NW Denver stands to benefit from the new Union Station Development. 6 pm. Visit www.greencubedenver for all the details.

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