Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Clothes Dryer Efficiency Update- LG Releases Heat Pump Dryer for US Market

The holy grail of clothes drying technology is the heat pump condensing dryer (HPCD), and we are finally getting it.  If your family does a lot of laundry, this will pay for itself, even though it is pretty expensive at over $1500.


Consumer Reports neglects to mention the fact that there is no hole in the wall of your house.  Conventional dryers blow  heated air from the house to the outside in the winter, which effectively doubles their energy usage. This heat isn't measured in dryer tests, because the heat is provided by the house furnace.  So an HPCD actually uses four times less energy than a standard electric resistance dryer.  In addition, that hole in the wall can lose a significant amount of heat even when the dryer isn't running.

NOTE 7/13/14 - This new dryer from LG is not available yet.