Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sun Control - One of the Solutions to Summertime Overheating

This topic is old news for those of you with those big, west-facing-mountain-view windows. They create an inferno for you in the summer. You may have even spent thousands on beautiful floor to ceiling blinds to shut out the sun.

However, unless the shades are physically outside the window, they are relatively ineffective. Once the sunshine comes in the window, it stays inside as heat.

So the shades must be on the outside.

The easiest, quickest, and least expensive way to install an exterior window shade without completely ruining the view just might be from Screenmobile. They are a national franchise, and I've used the local branch often for conventional screen replacement, and found them to be a good solution for an annoying problem.


  1. External blinds are common in europe and australia, but have little penetration here. Its a shame because its the best way to shade, and on a large window wall it really adds a nice element to the facade.

    They are made in venetian style, as well as roll down shutter style.

  2. I've used Coolaroo (from Australia) in the past, a great solution if you don't mind having to go outside to raise and lower them. They obscure the view.

    Also, you'll have to find someone to install them if you're not handy. Their pricing right now is less than $1/ft2, which is great.

    That syle also prevents you from opening casement style windows. The Screenmobile solution doesn't have that problem.