Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Latest on Practical LED Lighting

Product availability is really changing fast. Last fall's offerings at Sam's Club and Costco no longer exist. So if you need LED lighting right now, the optimum solution is at Home Depot, "while suppplies last":
HD Online LED bulb This bulb is bright enough at 428 lumens, but a little pricey at $20. But it's by far the best value as all the other LED bulbs that are this bright will set you back $30-$70 each. And get this, it's guaranteed to last for 46 years (vs 7 for CFLs). Other important features are that it reaches full brightness immediately (unlike CFLs) and is dimmable (rare for CFLs).

I have decided to concentrate on standard medium base screw in bulbs, since they will fit the most economical and the most common fixtures.


  1. The UFO LED grow light is especially popular with indoor gardening enthusiasts because it produces a very bright light.

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  2. Energy usage for growing medical marijuana is an extremely important topic, and deserves study. Currently, it appears that the long, familiar fluorescent bulbs are the most energy efficient.

    Fluorescent tubes aren't desirable in residential lighting, however, because it reminds people of their office. LEDs also have the advantage of lasting longer between replacemnts.